Antique Lionel Trains – Learn How to Repair and Restore Model Trains Easily

Say you are a Lionel trains enthusiast, restoring and servicing your Lionel trains is a continuing process of your hobby. If you plan to sell or trade your trains, then maintaining them to their best becomes a profitable endeavor. Most Lionel train restoration can be done in your home. If you do the restores yourself, you can save some money and gain great satisfaction in keeping those beauties looking terrific!

Cleaning Dusts From The Track and Wheels

If you see some rust, try sand paper or rust remover to get rid of it. After you remove the rust, saturate a soft cloth with light oil spray, and rub the track with it. Then buff it with a clean cloth.

An oxidization remover can remove any greenish or chalky white build up of oxidation. Simply soak your track in the oxidization remover for a few minutes, and then remove it easily with oil spray and buffing.

Follow the identical operation for the wheels, using a Q-Tip loaded with the oil spray.

Repairing The Track Pieces So They Fit Together Snugly

Over time, the connections tend to become slightly bent, loosening up the connections. When you encounter this problem, use needle nose pliers to cautiously bend the connectors back into place. When you have them back where they should be, your track areas will fit snugly together again.

Repairing The Cars

Keeping your cars in tip top process is likewise important. Soil and oil can also develop in these. Utilize the light oil spray to clean them. If you need to use some oil to a small moving part, use a toothpick to transfer a small drop of oil to where you need it. You do not want to over use the oil.

Most of the time you can replace any parts that need replacing yourself. Normally they are connected with tiny screws. Merely unscrew the portion and screw the fresh portion into place.

Where Do You Find Replacement Parts?

You can find replacement parts to complete your Lionel train repairs at your local hobby shop or specialty Lionel stores.

One excellent resource for your Lionel train repairs is

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